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Medlemskap: INTA (committee member), FICPI/NPF, NIR/AIPPI, Marques, Econa (Norwegian Association of Masters in the Science of Business), Union

As Bryn Aarflot’s chief executive officer (CEO) and managing partner, Kristine is responsible for Bryn Aarflot’s overall management and operations.

With more than 20 years experience in the field of IP, Kristine has a solid knowledge of the IP system, IP strategy in general, and trademark prosecution and strategy in particular.

Before taking on the position as our CEO in 2009, Kristine had a career as a trademark attorney and, later, head of Bryn Aarflot’s trademark department. Through the years Kristine has also had an active and central role the marketing of Bryn Aarflot and its services, as well as in managing the firm’s international client and partner relations. She regularly attends various international IP conferences, serves as a committee member of INTA (International Trademark Association) and enjoys a large and highly valued international network.

Being the fourth generation in IP, Kristine carries a unique legacy and an inbred understanding of the IP business and its development over time. Through her experience as practitioner, mid-level manager and CEO over a period of more than two decades where the IP industry has been evolving more rapidly than ever before, Kristine’s insight is vital in preparing for, and adapting to, the developments the industry will be facing in the years to come.


Kristine holds a Master in Business and Marketing from Oslo Business School, and has completed the first stage of law studies as well as elective studies on patent and trademark law from the University of Oslo.


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