Carlsson Orrenius


Board member Norwegian Anti Counterfeit Group (NACG)

Medlemskap: Norwegian Bar Association

Primary expertise

Anna-Lena has worked several years with all forms of  intellectual property law. She has been involved in court cases concerning design protection and marketing law, as well as trademark protection and large transborder patent cases. Anna-Lena has extensive experience in assisting clients with clearance, protection and enforcement of all forms of intellectual property rights, as well as working with marketing law,  IPR strategies, and domain name disputes. Furthermore she has handled counterfeit and customs matters in Norway for one of the world’s most copied brands.

Anna-Lena’s clients span from small businesses to large corporations within all kinds of industries. Being Swedish gives her unique insight in the Swedish market, something that has proven very helpful for Norwegian and Swedish clients with cross-border interests. Anna-Lena is also an experienced lecturer on general IP law and IPR strategy issues.


Anna-Lena has a law degree from Lund University from 2011. As a student, she specialized in copyright and international intellectual property law. Furthermore Anna-Lena wrote her master thesis on trade mark law on the internet.  She has worked with intellectual property law in one of Norway’s largest business law firms as well as in the “IPR firm” sector.  Prior to Anna-Lena’s current position at Bryn Aarflot she was head of legal and deputy head of legal in one of Norway’s oldest IPR-firms. Anna-Lena was admitted to the Norwegian Bar in 2014.


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